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Despite the continuous progress made by the tank and flexitank manufacturers to grant reliable products unfortunately accidents still yet happen in the chain of bulk liquid transport.The scope of FLEXITANK CARE is to solve problems of tank and flexitank operators in such unlucky cases attending promptly the site with our emergency teams, coordinate and act to minimize the losses and participate at the joint surveys with professional people specially instructed to protect the interests of tank and flexitank operators.

Not only: being convinced that to prevent is better than to intervene, FLEXITANK CARE can help the operators by instructing, survey and periodically auditing the various contractors of the logistic chain like the repair shops and fitting centers , to be sure that they act in the respect of the procedures of the principals.
Our experience at your service to improve safe issues of the transports with tank and flexitank!

Our advantages


Specific Tank Experience

Our team, being involved from over ten years in flexitank and isotank business has specific technical and commercial knowledge to properly handle any difficult event.

Our people acts in appliance with COA (flexitank code of practice) and at IMDG (Isotank code of practice).

All personal involved is permanently updated of improvements and amendments for a professional approach at their course of business.


Quick support worldwide

We and our foreign partners have emergency team for immediate response despite the time zone.

This will assure a prompt intervention in the areas where we are already present.


Growing network supporto
We are growing day by day our global network .


At present we can grant services in Italy, South France, South Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece and Slovenja.

And soon we will extend in the Ports of Black Sea.

Call us today for any enquiry about

your tank and containers business!


Asia Pacific


Europe, Middle East & Africa

Latin America

United States

For any urgent contact or info request you can find us here:

+39 3311075505


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