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Welcome to Flexitank Care!

Your N.1 International Partner for tanks and containers and everything related.


Our people work together since a long time. This is why we are so reliable!


is our credo! We believe in constant update for service excellence!


is what makes our service so great. Because when you need us, we are there. NOW!


is what we belive in. No middle ground for us, only our best for our customers, every day of the year.


support, in Europe, Africe and South America. We a unique partner.


to all our customers, consultants and suppliers, to create a reliable working network.

Top Services: 1. Prevention

Our disaster prevention service is focused on:

  • auditing depots, repair shops and service stations to confirm compliance with quality standards of leasing companies or operators
  • checking the estimates of important repairs and survey the results and quality of repairs
  • instructing fitting centers and periodically carrying out audits to confirm that they are compliant with procedures and quality standards of single manufacturer or operator
  • providing directories of container depots, repair shops, fitting centers, cleaning and heating stations
  • participating in joint surveys when necessary on behalf of owners/operators.

2. Aid

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Our associates are specialists in container and bulk cargo surveys with many years of experiences in bulk liquid Transport, the best to protect your interest and face any kind of emergency for a
successful issue of your business.

In all countries auditing and survey reports redacted with the same scheme for an easy understanding
of the clients.

3. Consulting!

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Supply info about local facilities regarding providers of services of interest of isotank
and flexitank operators